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Are They Rivals!? is the second story featured in Tomodachi wa Mahou, and the story that formally introduces Applejack, but also introduces Rainbow Dash as well. The story is also known as "[Introducing] Applejack".[note 1]


Introducing ApplejackEdit

Applejack stands upright in Sweet Apple Acres to greet the reader, saying that nopony can make food quite like her. Meanwhile, Apple Bloom sits down, about to eat an apple while proclaiming her love for her sister.

Are They Rivals!?Edit

Applejack and Rainbow Dash decide to engage in a a test of strength to see which of the two is the strongest Pony. There Game? Arm Wrestling. After an intense game, both Applejack and Rainbow Dash struggle profusely, with Applejack admitting she almost lost. In an odd turn of events, Pinkie Pie joins the two with a cup of of Cider. The Cider invigorates Applejack, but distracts Rainbow Dash, allowing Applejack to secure the victory.




Foods and beveragesEdit


  1. "Are They Rivals!?" is the given title for the story, given in-story while "[Introducing] Applejack" is the title given in the Table of Contents