"Final Destination" is the unofficial name of a short story appearing at the end of "The Return of Queen Chrysalis #3. The comic is in the style of classic cartoons from the 1920s and 1930s, in particular the older Mickey Mouse shorts such as Steamboat Willy and Plane Crazy.


Spike and Angel are presenting a cartoon about Queen Chrysalis and the Elements of Harmony's attempt to stop her. The cartoon is heavily stylized and exaggerated, portraying Queen Chrysalis as a far more stereotypical villain from the "wild west" days as she ties the Cutie Mark Crusaders to a railroad track. The cartoon also portrays the Changling Hive as a foreboding gate entitled the "Gate of the Final Destination". In the end, Angel turns off the projector and "Shnookums" gives Spike a gift, prompting him to give the creature a warm hug.