How Much Is That Pony In The Window

How Much Is That Pony In The Window? is a short story published in the last pages of Friendship is Magic #1. The story was written and drawn by Katie Cook.


Rarity is creating a dress for an unnamed, but important client while using Pinkie Pie as a model. While Rarity has to leave to get supplies, she urges Pinkie Pie not to move at all. Pinkie Pie complains, saying that she wont get in trouble while Rarity is gone. However, after catching whiff that the Ice Cream Pony, Pinkie Pie forgets her vowel and leaves to eat the ice cream. After making a mess of herself, Pinkie Pie realizes her mistake and tries to cover up her actions by using Rarity's drapes as a cover, thinking Rarity wont notice the difference. Rarity of course, does.