"Nightmare Rarity" is the second story arc in the main line My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic series, following after "The Return of Queen Chrysalis" and before the much liter "Zen And The Art of Gazebo Repair" arc. Like the previous arc, the Nightmare Rarity arc spans across a total of four issues, this is in stark contrast to the next arc, which only spans across two issues. Occasionally considered the best story arc by fans, the Nightmare Rarity arc is arguably the most well known of all comic arcs, with Nightmare Rarity becoming one of the very few comic-originated characters to become well known in the fan base.

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As mentioned in the opening blurb, many fans considered the Nightmare Rarity arc to be among the greatest arcs in the comics, with Nightmare Rarity arguably being the only major character from the comics to become well known among the fan base. Many fans also praised the comic for its focus on Spike and giving him a big adventure, adventure he was absent throughout the majority of The Return of Queen Chrysalis