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Pinkie Sense is the third story in the in Tomodachi wa Mahou, and the story that formally introduces Pinkie Pie, hence the stories alternative title "[Introducing] Pinkie Pie".


Introducing Pinkie PieEdit

Similarly to the previous two stories, Pinkie Sense opens with our titular Pony, this time Pinkie Pie introducing herself to the reader. She mentions how much she loves to party while surrounded by candies, pies, sweets and polka dots for good measure.

Pinkie SenseEdit

One day, while she's hanging out with Twilight Sparkle and Applejack, Pinkie starts to twitch and shake. Twilight and Applejack watch in concern as they wonder what's coming next. Before Twilight can react, she's hit in the head by a flowerpot as they rain from the sky. Applejack manages to dodge them however. Soon after, she starts to twitch and shake again. Twilight, now with a huge bump on her head, ask Pinkie to make something GOOD fall from the sky instead. To her delight, a rain of cupcakes fall from the sky instead.