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Super Serious Twilight, also known as [Introducing] Twilight Sparkle is the first story in the manga Tomodachi wa Mahou.[note 1] As the name implies, it introduces Twilight Sparkle and goes over her less-than-stable obsession with organization and stability.


Meet Twilight SparkleEdit

Twilight Sparkle proudly and confidently states that she's going to be a great Pony, just like Princess Celestia some day while her 'number one assistant', Spike cheerfully poses along with her.

Princess CelestiaEdit

Princess Celestia proudly and majestically stands tall as her strong, yet caring face beams with joy as her most dearest students, Twilight Sparkle stands next to her. The narration whimsically claims that everybody loves Celestia.

The To-Do List IncidentEdit

Twilight Sparkle is distraught! Her to-do list is missing a checkmark! As she's freaking out, Spike asks why she can't just finish it there and now, but Twilight claims it's far to late. Spike looks over the checklist:

  • Wake Up (Check)
  • Get Up (Check)
  • Yawn Cutely (Check)
  • Fluff my Pillow (Check)
  • Lift left Hoof (Check)
  • Then lift right hoof (X)

Spike gives a disappointed expression while Twilight Sparkle begins to wallow in her own self-pity, kicking, crying and screaming the whole time.




  1. The in-book Table of Contents refers to the story as "Twilight Sparkle" under the "Introducing the Ponies" section, however, the name of the story in-story is "Super Serious Twilight Sparkle