The Magic Begins was released in the August of 2013. It adapts the first two episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Friendship is Magic, Part 1 and Friendship is Magic, Part 2 into comic book format. The comic uses screenshots from the show as panels, with edited over onomatopoeia and word balloons to make it seem more like a comic book. The comic also features brief biographies for the mane characters.


Friendship is Magic, Part 1Edit

Friendship is Magic, Part 2Edit

Meet the PoniesEdit

Twilight SparkleEdit

Twilight Sparkle tries to find the answer to every question! Whether studying a book or spending time with Pony friends, she always learn something new!


Spike is Twilight Sparkle's best friend and number one assistant. His fire breath can deliver scrolls directly to Princess Celestia!


Applejack is honest, friendly ad sweet to the core! She loves to be outside, and her Pony friends know they can always count on her.


Fluttershy is a kind and gentle Pony with a big heart. She likes to take care of the others, especially her little animal friends.


Rarity knows how to add sparkle to any outfit! She loves to give her Pony friends advice on the latest Pony fashions and hairstyles

Pinkie PieEdit

Pinkie Pie keeps her Pony Friends laughing and smiling all day! Cheerful and playful, she always looks on the bright side.

Rainbow DashEdit

Rainbow Dash loves to fly as fast as she can! She is always ready to play a game, go on an adventure, or help out one of her Pony friends.

Princess CelestiaEdit

Princess Celestia is a magical and beautiful Pony who rules the land of Esquestria. All of the Ponies in Ponyille look up to her!