The Return of Queen Chrysalis

"The Return of Queen Chrysalis is the first story arc featured in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic series. The story spans across the first four issues of the series, making it one of the longer storylines featured in the series, as most tend to average at two or three issues. The arc serves as a successor or sequel to the "Royal Wedding" two parter in the main cartoon series. As the name implies, the story revolves around the return of the titular Queen Chrysalis and her goal in destroying Equestria once and for all; a goal she comes dangerously close to achieving.

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Cutie Mark Crusaders, ZoologistEdit

Invasion of the PonysnatchersEdit

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Final ConfrontationEdit

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How Much Is That Pony In the Window?Edit

Main article: How Much Is That Pony In The Window?

How Much Is That Pony In The Window? was a story featured in the last two pages of The Return of Queen Chrysalis #1. It featured Rarity designing a dress for a client, using Pinkie Pie as a model. Things went awry when Ice Cream entered the picture and the dress ended up in shreds.

Final DestinationEdit


The arc was met with praise by fans and critics alike, fans enjoyed the darker imagery then one would usually see My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, the scene where the Cutie Mark Crusaders were attacked by the mindless animals, the scenes of Chrysalis conquering and burning villages to the ground and the mere 'splat' effect that appeared after Chrysalis threw a kitten. Fans also praised the use of lighting and coloration, creating dramatic and powerful moments.